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") document.write("Softaculous enabled

We have enabled the Softaculous script installer as a replacement for Fantastico on our WebNameHost servers. Note that as always, this is a convenience and you install scripts on your site at your own risk, with no support from us whatseoever. Do your research on the suitability of the script, determine whether any special software is needed on the server to support that script, contact us about whether we are willing to provide it (there may be security issues, and we will not compromise security for the sake of running a script), take a backup of your site before installing, and use the facilities of the script's provider for any and all support issues. Sign in to your CPanel to see what is available.

"); document.write("Combating spam

The Northern Spy has an article on combating spam.

"); document.write("MAS-- Management Accounting and Support system

The Arjay Management, Accounting, and Support system does all billing and help tickets for Arjay companies, including WebNameHost. All contact pages have been removed.

"); document.write("We are an eNom ETP

We are an eNom ETP partner. If you are a bulk domain seller or reseller, create a account, contact us, and we will give your account the lowest possible eNom reseller price.

"); document.write("New domains

We offer more domains and portfolio management facilities through our nameman subsidiary, including .ca